The Form, Fill, and Seal (FFS) packaging film designed to be reliable, simple, and cost effective, while offering many customization options.
(FFS) packaging film offers advantages over premade bagging such as increased production speed, reduced per-bag cost, and increased flexibility in finished bag size.
It also has the feature of preventing slipping in the pallet arrangement with its embossed structure. Block bottom bags, designed with sealant and tear resistant layers, provide excellent content protection, and space efficiency stacking with strong barrier properties against potential water vapor and oxygen infiltration.
FFS is an ideal packaging solution for many different industries including petrochemical and plastic resins, agricultural, chemical, biomass, industrial manufacturing, pet food and livestock feed, lawn and garden. Products that may be packaged by these machines include resin pellets, wood pellets, salt, fertilizer, rocks and stone, chemicals, powders, spices and powders, dried foods, cement and slurries, and granular products.


Film Thickness
20 – 250 microns

Roll Width
17 – 52 cm for gusseted tube

Side Gusset
4.5 – 11 cm

Roll Outer Diameter
Up to 130 cm

Film Color

Core Inner Diameter
PVC 76 & 152 cm

Inline up to 4 colors on one side or 2 colors from both sides

Embossing and Micro-Perforation
Per your requirements

3 rolls / pallet